Power (Inspired by Kanye West's Track): Why Losing in Short Run is Better in the Long Run

In this article, I am attempting to show you why buying Copper is paramount, why betting low in all things in the first quarter or beginning will not allow you to lose. Historical points are brought to the reader's attention to show how inflation in most

Dear World,

Google Kanye's track Power before reading this please! As the cacaphony of the beat flows, "No One Man Should Have All That Power..."

"The systems broke" yells 'Ye. Enough about the track. Here is the deal. This article is going to use a bit of history and that of "Power" to show you two things; One, It is better to bet low and be behind in the short for the long run (not just exclusive of investments). Two, Why Buying Copper could bring you real bling bling in five years. Oh, and Three, It is not Obama's fault the Economy of the U.S. is heading to a Second World Power State. I will cover number three probably in the next article. 

One, over the last five years, what metal has increased it's value over Gold (Say this in a Dutch accent) and Silver...Copper. As a matter of fact, to the degree of 300 percent. Go to ebay, buy yourself One Hundred Dollars worth of ten pounds of it. If you doubt the value of it, check neighbor crime where buildings are going up. Quasi hoods are going Grand Theft Copper Style from houses and homes. 

Two, three historical examples of economy's going belly up due to massive inflation. Emperior Diocletian of Ancient Rome put more silver in the coins to bring runaway inflation in check. Two,Phillip II of Spain faced major drama after putting all the Gold and Silver Columbus and other explorers brought from the Azects and Incas. In France Louis XVI did not survive these circumstances:

"The New Government could not sell titles and offices, as the king had done to deal with financial problems, but it did confiscate Church property. In addition, it issued treasury bonds in the form of of assignats in order to raise moeny. The assignants soon assumed the status of bank notes...But the need for money soon outran the value of the land available, and the government continued to to print assignants according to its needs. Depreciation of French currency in the international markets and inflation at honme resulted" (Civilization In The West, Kishlansky, Geary, O'Brien 2008).

Do you see a pattern occuring again? For those of you who do not know. The Amero (Canadian, Mexican and US) currency is already being printed. This means your dollar will be assimulated like the EU dollar. To be real, what now costs five dollars will cost ten in about two years. Now you will not see this currency being issued before the election. Try late 2013 or early 2014. So the real copper you buy now, the investment will bear at least one hundred percent by the time the Amero hits the streets.

Also, my new theory of being behind in the short is a calulated risk. For example, take the new FIFA Soccer Game. If you play it, and read the reviews, most players note by being ahead going into the 80 or 90 minute mark, the AI (Artificial Intelligence) of the game comes alive. Teams will soccer like three goals as in many minutes. Second, look at most games. The team who is ahead (and you can research this point) in most cases loses a close game. Three, look at World War 1, II, The Korean War and the Vietnam War. In all of these wars, the powers or sides if you will, who were ahead in the beginning, lost.

To be more practical, when I coached JV Basketball, I always put in my third string for the first three to five minutes. This did two things, one the other team became over confident. Two, their concentration levels fell. Out of the five games I coached, we never lost. Look at most sporting events in track (except the 100 yard or 400 yard dash). Always go slow and low, that is the tempo (Beastie Boys). In the final analsis of buying and selling, you are going to lose it at some point anyway, i.e. act of God, Nature, Ex's, Baby Mama Drama, etc.

The bouncer in this club of ideas here is pushing a Copper Pass on you. Of course you can buy Gold, and yes Silver still. But you are going to want to have a currency which can be used for possible other transactions which I will not go into here. Of course, diversify and store. We are heading to a place where Weimer Germany called home, hyper inflation. Also I would urge you to buy MRE's. This is real talk. If you reading this, it is not about whether or not you are riding on 24 inch rims, and your I-phone costs more than my cheap moped. You cannot eat tires or bling. 

Finally create a world you can afford. Create friends if you have them not. Remember there are forces out there which are jockeying for position in your hearts and minds. Before you blame President Obama, remember two historical points:

One, The Committee of Three Hundred, the CFR, the Trilaterial Commission, and the Bilderburg controls policy.

Two, the last English King before William Conquered in 1065 said on his death bed:

"England will fall due to the sins of its people." (The Conquest of England, BBC, Conquest, Disc 2).

Oh and Charleston County Schools, I want my 2003-2004 Teacher of the Year Award I won and you stole. I may not ever be President or win the Pulitzer Prize, but thanks to God, I have Power in the Classroom and in this Cyber Room!

"The Clocks ticking I just count the hours...The prisons open, we ain't going to lose, we rolling!" 

Don't give in to hate. Regulate your mental to control the physical. You may not be able to control or stop people rejecting you, but don't reject yourself, your intution. "Reality is catching up to me." (lyrics in quotation marks, cited, most due to Kanye West).


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